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What is hedge management?

Hedges can be valuable for both humans and wildlife. For humans, they provide attractive borders and effective boundary markers. For animals, they help support the healthy functioning of ecosystems. Hedges also provide shelter for stock and crops, and can reduce wind speed which slows erosion.
Hedge management is an important aspect of a site’s maintenance. Whether your site is commercial, rural or domestic, the care of hedges can be a key factor in how much you enjoy and make the best use of your landscape.

Why should you manage hedges?

If left unmanaged, hedges can become out of control which can lead to a dramatic loss of light and in some circumstances failure. For example, wind can bring down trees in Leyland hedges when they become very tall. Regular trimming can help to keep a dense, compact and attractive hedge.


The best time of year for hedge management is dependent on the species of hedge and the type of work required. Many of our customers have annual recurring appointments as their hedges usually require attention at similar points of the year. Hedges can often play host to nesting birds. Whilst light trimming with a hedge trimmer may be possible without disturbing birds, any more major pruning should be carried out outside of the nesting bird season. The nesting bird season is February through until August. Nesting birds do not adhere to the ‘official’ season and it’s worth noting that nesting birds cannot be disturbed at any time of the year.

Our Site Visit

Whether you’d like information on a management plan for your existing hedges, or you’re hoping to plant a new one, our team can help you. We are happy to advise on the best species to use in your site, and make recommendations about their ongoing care.

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