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The conservation and preservation of the environment is very important to us at Kingshill Garden Services Ltd. We consider there to be a great responsibility when managing trees and we strive for management practices that allow us to retain trees wherever possible. We will always favour reduction rather than removal of trees where possible and also encourage re-planting. A single tree can have a significant impact on the environment that surrounds it. For example, consider a mature oak- it may play host to hundreds of species of insect. An oak’s acorns are a key food source for birds and mammals. Decomposing leaves also have an ecological value and are a source of food for stag beetles and numerous fungi. Old holes and crevices can be used for nesting birds and bats. All of this in addition to the fact that they produce oxygen and take in carbon dioxide. 

We remove all waste that occurs from our jobs unless you would like to keep some logs or chip. Otherwise, we take it all away to be recycled. 


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